The Ports of Wilmington & Morehead City will reopen to employees on Thurs., Sept. 20. Please check with supervisors for start times. Those who can't report may use sick or vacation leave. The opening applies to Ports employees only. Commercial scheduling info to follow.


Brian E. Clark
Chief Operating Officer

Brian E. Clark was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the North Carolina State Ports Authority in June of 2017.

At North Carolina Ports, Clark applies his extensive experience to further improve the operational excellence at the Port of Wilmington and Port of Morehead City. Specifically, he directs and coordinates the activities of the line and staff components of all terminal operations. He also oversees the execution of the infrastructure investment plan. His operational best practices contribute to the development of business strategy and indirectly assist in the expansion of the Ports’ global customer base.

Clark has over twenty years of expertise in the maritime industry having worked in senior positions on the operations side with industry leaders. Prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer, Clark served as Managing Director for APM Terminals at Port Elizabeth. During his time with APM Terminals, he was responsible for directing the overall operations of a 350-acre marine terminal with on-dock rail facilities, handling almost 500 vessel calls, 800,000 marine lifts, 150,000 intermodal moves and in excess of 1,000,000 gate moves annually. In addition to his time at Port Elizabeth, Clark also spent four years as Project Director for APM Terminals at Mobile’s container terminal touting a focus on design, contracting and execution of its development.