The Ports of Wilmington & Morehead City will reopen to employees on Thurs., Sept. 20. Please check with supervisors for start times. Those who can't report may use sick or vacation leave. The opening applies to Ports employees only. Commercial scheduling info to follow.


Greg Fennell
Chief Commercial Officer

Greg Fennell was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of the North Carolina State Ports Authority in January of 2015.

Under Mr. Fennell’s leadership the Authority has more than doubled its amount of container services, setting up record throughput projections for fiscal year 2018. Additional growth in his tenure includes the development of new business strategies, which have resulted in two of the best tonnage and financial years on record at North Carolina Ports.

Prior to his role as Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Fennell previously served as the Vice President Sales, Americas for APM Terminals in Virginia. Fennell’s career has concentrated on container sales and marketing. He was the Global Chief Commercial Officer for APM Terminals in The Hague as well as the Vice President, Sales APM Terminals in Charlotte.

Mr. Fennell brings a wealth of experience to North Carolina Ports and the industry contacts that assist in the expansion of the Authority’s market reach.